This page is a work in progress and will contain items that I have personally read or used and recommend to others. Some links will be affiliates.

Charles Schwab

I use Schwab as my primary brokerage account. They hold my IRA, Custodian accounts for my children and taxable investments. Some of the things I like about Schwab are:

  • Trading platform
  • Customer service
  • Schwab ETFs have low expense ratios, small minimums (typically $100) and can be traded for free
  • Commissions are low ($4.95)

Ally Bank

We started using Ally in 2016 and love their customer service and high interest rates. I would highly recommend putting a large chunk of your cash here versus your local bank.


This is the brokerage account that holds my 401k and my company stock when it vests. It does what it needs but I personally like Schwab better.

Personal Capital

What can I say about Personal Capital that hasn’t been said. I love this platform. It helps me budget, shows my net worth, tracks all of my accounts and so much more. The best part, it is free!

Note: To get maximum benefit of Personal Capital you must link your accounts so that means Personal Capital is storing the credentials of each of your accounts. If you are OK with this, I highly recommend this service.

The Booglehead’s Guide to Investing

This is a no frills book on investing. It is a very easy read and breaks down the ease of which you can invest. It is geared heavily towards mutual funds but illustrates that we don’t need to pay firms to manage our investments or that we need to track our investments on a daily basis. I highly recommend this book for everyone.